May 29, 2010

On y va

Course papers written and handed in, ceilidh danced, bike built with heavy use of cable ties, computer cables, ductape and random metal objects...

First, Alice came to visit in the morning to help me clean my bikey before cycling off to nearby chick pea festival (yes, the french have festivals for everything). Then, Elsbeth sat behind my computer all morning long, searching and booking me plane tickets to Estonia. In a few moments she will be proofreading this text. And what was I doing? I was running around circles, screaming "A-A-A-A-A-A---!", unable to wrap my mind around getting everything done. I think I should hire Elsbeth as my personal assistant. [editor's note: no problem, I'm actually looking for a job...]

The church bells just rang out five times and I'm almost ready to go. Well... I planned to leave in the afternoon, so i'm technically still not too late.

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