May 21, 2010

Drawing out the details

Swifty and Triini just spent a long evening, mapping out Norway, centimeter by centimeter and day by day. After that, chalking out Finland in several hundreds-of-kilometers-long stretches of unknowness made us laugh madly. We can do that in three days (right?)! Flat as it is... It'd be a shame to miss La Tomatina!

If I ever get the cassette repaired, the back rack and the second pannier bought and installed, the front rack built, my degree finished, and my absolutely gorgeous hometown memorized to the last beautiful detail, I will enjoy myself very much by doing a quick training ride to Maastricht. It should be accomplishable in 10 days. I wouldn't want to miss the last important steps of finishing Uni!

Yes, the scope of it is still beyond us. But we wouldn't want to miss the sunsetless nights near the Arctic sea!

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