May 9, 2010

Logistical Hell

First, how to plan my June in the most efficient way if I want and/or need to: cycle to Clermont-Ferrand (332km), leave the bike (in the hopes I find a place for it), hitch to Chambéry to hike around Mont Blanc, hitch back to Montpellier to prepare, practice and give three presentations on still unknown dates during an 8-day period, then hitch quickly back to Clermont-Ferrand, bike further up North to Orléans (297km) or Paris (416km) or maybe somewhere even better (Germany?), leave the bike again, find an airport, fly to Estonia to celebrate Midsummer's night and visit everyone, fly back, find the bike, then find a way to transport me and my bike as cheaply as possible to the North coast of Denmark and take the ferry to Norway.

Then cycle to Finland.

Oh, and after all that, fly to India.

I am laughing like a mad hatter already.

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