Apr 24, 2011

Just a little appetizer

Three months of my life, spent in the Alps as a French maid, has been a fast and intensive ride. These last moments of the ski season I spend creeping along the walls at night to find internet connection; this post has been written, sitting under cover of a fir tree in some hotel's garden... all the things I must do to keep you entertained! Right after it's finished, I will sneak past my sleeping flatmate to drop off my tiny shiny black friend and then sneak back out to continue jumping over the fences (just for practice) and create some more substance for stories to come in the future.

Probably soon after I'm back from Morocco (or, with lots of luck, ealier), you'll get a full report of my winter in Val d'Isère. Until then, enjoy your spring!


The night is nice here in the mountains; in the middle of this tiny metropol, there's still loads of nature: a marmot just walked past and didn't even notice me. I can consider myself safe from the drunk snowboarders hoarding by.

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